Care Plan
If you don’t have insurance, it is not a problem!

The Babylon Dental Care Plan is designed to help you and your family save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your dental bills and to provide greater access to quality dental care. Regardless of your age, employment, or dental needs, you can join TODAY and receive your initial exam and x-rays FREE OF CHARGE. Plus…save on all other dental services, such as fillings, crowns, dentures, root canals, implants, Invisalign, and much more! Even if you don’t need any other dental work right now, by enrolling you will SAVE big on your regular cleanings and check-ups.
What do you get? Both plan levels include…

  • 2 periodic exams per plan year
  • 2 problem focused exams per plan year
  • 4 bitewing x-ray films per plan year
  • 4 periapical x-ray films per plan year
  • 1 full mouth x-ray (usually taken ever 3-5 years)
  • 2 fluoride treatments per plan year

This program is an in-house discount plan, not a dental insurance plan. It cannot be used:

  • In conjunction with another dental plan.
  • For services for injuries covered under Workers Compensation.
  • For treatment which, in the sole opinion of the treating dentist or doctor, lies outside the realm of his or her capability.
  • For referrals to specialists outside our office.
  • For hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind.
  • For costs of dental care which are covered under automobile medical.

This plan is only honored at Babylon Dental Care, Great South Bay and Gateway Plaza locations.