How to Treat a Chipped Tooth (and How to Prevent Them)

The tough outer covering of your teeth (the enamel) is very strong, but it does have limitations. Excessive wear and tear or an impact with some force could chip your tooth and result in a jagged edge. Teeth can be chipped in a number of ways, including grinding during sleep, a fall or accident, playing sports without a protective mouthpiece,  or biting down on hard foods.

Here, we discuss the ways to prevent your teeth from being chipped. In addition, there are options for how to treat your teeth after a chip.

Methods to Prevent a Chipped Tooth

Thankfully there are simple ways to prevent a chipped tooth. The methods may be cumbersome, but it is worth it to prevent something that can be embarrassing or annoying.

Wear a mouthguard: Even if it is not required for your particular sport, experts suggest wearing a mouthguard whenever you participate in a contact-heavy activity. You may not play in organized sports anymore, but the next time you’re at the gym playing a pick-up game of basketball, it may be in your best interest to wear protection for your teeth.

Avoid certain foods: This is probably the most important piece of advice for preventing a chipped tooth. Obviously, biting into hard candies or food can lead to a chipped tooth. Lesser-known but equally risky is chewy food, which can result in chipped teeth from being too tough to easily eat.

Chipped Teeth Treatment

With a chipped tooth, the question is not if, but when you should see your doctor. 

However, if you cannot immediately see a dentist and you are in pain, over-the-counter pain medications with acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be helpful. Eating softer foods and chewing on the opposite side of your mouth from the chipped tooth is your best option.

While there are home remedies recommended by some, such as gargling salt water or buying online dental supplies to fix-it-yourself, you are almost certainly just going to make things worse. Attempts to fix a chipped tooth at home may exacerbate the problem, and just cause your bill to skyrocket when you finally give in and see the dentist.

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