Spotlight on Service with J’anna Connolly

Getting to know J’anna Connolly, one of our hygienists.

J’anna ConnollyWhat’s your role with BDC? How long have you been with the team?

I have been with the team since 2017! I started out as a dental assistant, but recently I decided to go back to school to become a dental hygienist. I assess the oral health of my patients and make sure they are at their best!

What made you decide to choose a career with BDC?

When I started at BDC I realized how much I love caring for patients and how much I enjoy the dental field. When I decided to go back to school I had to take a break from my work here, but I knew I wanted to return to BDC because of the amazing relationships I’ve developed. I’m close not only with my coworkers but with my patients as well!

How are you enjoying your new role?

I love my new role as a dental hygienist! I feel fulfilled because my job serves the community and makes a difference in the lives of others.

What’s something unique about you that you bring to our team?

I am energetic, I’m always onto the next task! I’m also selfless and loving, and I truly want to help those I encounter. I think these qualities make me unique!
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