Our Story

It all began some years ago when a man graduated from dental school and found himself working at a dental office in the Times Square Department Store. There he met an assistant that shared his philosophy of patient care.

The story of Babylon Dental Care began 30 years ago with this same man and his vision. Cliff Brown first opened the doors of Babylon Dental Care in January of 1983 along with his assistant from TSS, Tory Sheehan. They did this with the intention of treating each and every patient as they would the members of their own family.

“Treating people like family” became the philosophy of the practice.

“Treating people like family” became the philosophy of the practice, and both Cliff and Tory assembled a staff that would nurture this philosophy, as well. What they could never have known was how much these “team players” would inherit and manifest the kindness and generosity they both displayed.

Over the years, Babylon Dental Care, much like a family, has experienced many changes. They have grown and thrived over the years. When Cliff and Tory originally opened the doors there were only three treatment rooms. Four weeks later, they had to hire two more assistants, and six weeks later they had to hire another general dentist. Within two months they added more treatment rooms.

After a decade, it became apparent that the size of the practice was too small, and so in 1995 Babylon Dental Care acquired the store next door and underwent a major renovation that created the total of nine treatment rooms.



25th Anniversary

The Growing Family

As the practice grew, so did the staff. Just like a tree, the practice grew more branches, adding more and more limbs to the family tree. Steve Peck became a partner in 1998. And Harold Gaynes added to the partnership in December of 2006. Today, 34 years later, the family has grown to 69 strong.

Our team shares a bond with our patients, that we value and truly cherish.

The Best Possible Care

This past January (2017) we opened the doors to our new location in Patchogue, NY. This need for growth is a testament to our core values and the relationships we have built with our patients and local community.

While growing to meet our patients needs, we pride ourselves not only in offering the best possible care, but also by doing so with the most gentle and comforting touch. If our patients aren’t smiling, then we haven’t done our jobs right.

We love our family and we love our work. There is a quote that sums it up perfectly: “When I do something in my family because I really enjoy it, then my duty has become my pleasure. And it is a pleasure for all the people around me.” To make dentistry a pleasure for all people around us is our goal.

Here at Babylon Dental Care, we are all about our family. Elbert Hubbard said, “For no matter what you’ve done for yourself or for humanity, if you can’t look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished?”