Maria Vitagliano


Maria Vitagliano

Dental Hygienist

In October 2023, Maria became a valued member of the BDC team. Maria’s family has been in the dental field for as long as she can remember, and her journey in the field began at just 16. This connection made a career in dental hygiene the perfect fit. She describes the dental field as feeling like home.

Maria loves that her career gives her the chance to make a significant difference in the lives of her patients. Her passion lies in reshaping their perspectives on dental visits and alleviating their anxieties. She strives to create an atmosphere of comfort and trust.

At Babylon Dental Care, Maria envisions great opportunities for professional growth. She is excited for the opportunity to further her career within the supportive environment of the practice. Maria’s children motivate her each day to put forth her best effort and strive for continuous improvement.

To Maria, being part of a team means being there for one another, building each other up and lending a helping hand whenever it is needed. Maria takes immense pride in her integrity and the kindness she extends to both her team and her patients.

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