Healthy Mouths, Happy Patients

General Dentistry

General dentistry covers a variety of services. Below you’ll find what we can do to help you or your family achieve or maintain optimum oral health. Part of a healthy, beautiful smile is routine checkups to identify potential issues before they become problems. Preventing these issues is much more cost effective than treating them after the fact. Make sure to schedule your bi-annual cleanings and checkups to maintain great oral health long term!

Cavity Prevention

At Babylon Dental Care, we provide a well-rounded selection of services to prevent cavities and tooth decay. We want you and your family’s teeth and gums to be as healthy as can be!

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Children’s Dentistry

Dr. Silvia brings professional training and experience as a pediatric specialist to our growing families. Dr. Silvia’s specialized training has included an additional two years of study in child psychology, growth, and development. Dr. Silvia is dedicated to providing quality dental care in a fun, positive, and caring environment.

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Custom Sports Guards

Whether you are an athlete, or the parent of an athlete, chances are that you want to achieve the maximum amount of safety while playing sports. Well, to provide enhanced support and protection for your teeth and gums, the dentists of Babylon Dental Care offer a custom sports mouth guard to our patients.

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Digital Radiography

The Babylon Dental Care team uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that patients receive the safest X-rays and a minimal amount of exposure as possible to keep your family healthy.

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Early Childhood Decay

Babylon Dental Care’s team of doctors and hygienists along with Dr. Silvia, are committed to helping parents prevent early childhood decay.

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Fluoride Treatment

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes how critical it is to receive the right amount of fluoride to control and prevent cavities. It is known in the dental industry that people who consume the right amount of fluoridated water (starting from birth) will have about 35% less decay throughout their adult years.

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Gum Disease Treatments

Many people suffer from gum disease without even knowing it. Are you one of those suffering from gum disease or periodontal disease? Babylon Dental Care wants you to be knowledgeable when it comes to detecting the signs and symptoms. Together we can fight the battle against gum disease!

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Sleep Apnea Treatments at Babylon Dental Care

Sleep is an important biological component that is vital to healthy functioning. If you suffer from sleep apnea, then you are developing poor sleeping habits that can lead to a variety of health issues in both the short-term and long-term.

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Painless Dentistry

Here at Babylon Dental Care our highly skilled team of dentists are dedicated to delivering the highest quality dental care in a safe and comfortable environment. Our friendly and caring staff are here to make your experience in the office as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

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NTI Guards for Grinding & Clenching Your Teeth

These are just a few signs that you could be suffering from a condition called bruxism (teeth grinding) while you sleep. Without seeking treatment right away, you could encounter significant dental problems, as well as concerns to your overall health.

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Tooth Colored Fillings

When you open your mouth and look in the mirror, do you see silver or metal fillings? How nice would it be to replace those unattractive fillings with fillings that look exactly like your natural teeth? Well now you can, especially when you choose tooth-colored fillings from Babylon Dental Care!

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