Exceptional Skills, Personal Connections

A gentle touch goes a long way

Our Doctors and Hygienists are the best in the business, not only at providing you with top notch dental care, but doing it in the most gentle way possible. Our Patient Coordinators and Administrative teams go above and beyond for our patients to make sure they have everything they need for an easy, carefree experience from start to finish. Every member of the Babylon Dental Care team is dedicated to you, your comfort, and your dental health. We have a passion for delivering healthy, beautiful smiles and happy, satisfied patients! Take a moment to meet the members of our team!

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We’re here to ease your mind

Reducing the fear, stress and anxiety often associated with dental care is a top priority for our team. We know that the more comfortable patients feel, the more willing they’ll be to get the care they need instead of putting it off, potentially allowing issues to get worse. From the cushion of the chairs, the soft lighting and the magnificent photography, every space is designed with our patients in mind. Our intimate environment, paired with our caring team, makes our practices stand out from the rest!