Dental Care

What the Mouth Reveals About the Body

What the Mouth Reveals About the Body Routine visits to the dentist could be more important than you ever realized. Oral exams can reveal a considerable amount of information about the overall health of any patient, and dentists are increasingly able to recognize serious health conditions based on the evidence in our mouths. Here are […]

Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health month with the team at Babylon Dental Care!

February was National Children’s Dental Health Month. The entire team at Babylon Dental Care are committed to helping children in the local community learn about the importance of proper oral health care. Our team visited local preschools throughout the month of February. We introduced children at the schools to Molar the Dinosaur, sang songs about […]

Mouthwash and Proper Oral Health

Gum disease can cause serious and long-term problems for your overall health. The early signs of gum disease start with gingivitis and inflamed gums, your oral health can quickly deteriorate lead to periodontal disease and increased tooth decay. A person’s oral health is strongly correlated to their overall health, and practicing proper hygiene can help […]

Oral Health Tips for Summer

Oral Health Tips for Summer Summer vacations tend to throw everyone’s schedule for a loop. Daily routines change constantly and it can be hard to maintain proper oral health care. Here are a few helpful tips for keeping teeth healthy this summer: Establish a Routine When the school year ends and we all shift into […]