Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Custom Sports Guards

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Whether you are an athlete, or the parent of an athlete, chances are that you want to achieve the maximum amount of safety while playing sports. Well, to provide enhanced support and protection for your teeth and gums, the dentists of Babylon Dental Care offer a custom sports mouth guard to our patients.

A custom sports mouth guard is used by many professional athletes and our patients to protect their teeth and gums while playing. It has proven its effectiveness time and time again throughout several types of sports, including wrestling, baseball, track and field, and football.

How can the sports mouth guard help you?

There are several reasons why it’s a smart choice to get a sports mouth guard for yourself, or your son or daughter.

  • A sports mouthpiece is comprised of a lightweight plastic that decreases the amount of impact and shock to your jaw.
  • Since it is custom-made, it fits comfortably and securely on top of your teeth to protect your teeth and gums.
  • You can think of the mouth guard as creating extra cushion for your teeth so that you can decrease your chances of incurring a dental-related sports injury.

Protect your teeth and gums today!

So no matter which sport you play, if you have the need to protect your teeth and gums, you can most likely benefit from the custom sports mouthpiece. Call us today if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule your consultation!

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