Digital radiography and digital X-rays

Digital Radiography

Are you concerned that you and your family members might be exposed to a lot of radiation when visiting the dentist? Well, you don’t have to worry any longer! The Babylon Dental Care team uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that patients receive the safest X-rays and a minimal amount of exposure as possible.

Dexis® Digital Radiography

With Dexis Digital Radiography, our patients will not be exposed to harmful, high levels of radiation. Gone are the days of traditional X-rays with harmful levels of radiation and longer wait times to see the final results. Digital X-rays are fast and less harmful.

Once we take your X-rays, our team of dentists and hygienists can view your computerized X-rays almost instantly! The level of detail is unparalleled compared to traditional X-rays, allowing our dentists to plan your treatment with precision.

Panorex® X-rays

There are occasions when our dentists need to see all areas of your mouth at one time. This is especially useful when planning your treatment, and when detecting oral problems early on. The benefit of using Panorex X-rays is that we are able to take an X-ray of your entire mouth in 1 shot including your teeth, jaws, soft tissues, and bones.

Similar to Dexis digital X-rays, Panorex X-rays also use low levels of radiation. Patients can look forward to quick and pain-free X-rays with Panorex technology. Panorex X-rays are also great for patients who have extreme gag reflexes.

Whether using Dexis or Panorex radiography technology, we are able to process your X-rays quickly and efficiently. No more waiting around in the dentist’s chair for your X-rays to process. In fact, we will see them on the computer screen within just a few seconds after taking them.

At our office, we have computer screens in the treatment rooms so that you can view the X-rays and we can point out specific areas of concern in your mouth.

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