Kathy Marcano

Kathy Marcano

Kathy Marcano

Patient Experience Coordinator


What’s your role with BDC?

I am a Patient Experience Coordinator.

How did the pandemic affect you and your family?

I unfortunately lost my job, but my family was a great support system. Even though it was a stressful time I am grateful for my family and my health.

What made you decide to choose a career with BDC?

I love the dental field! Even though I went to school to be a medical assistant, I enjoy dentistry. After reading the reviews and going through the website, I realized that not only are the patients at BDC treated like family but their employees are as well.

How are you enjoying your time with BDC so far?

I’ve been enjoying it very much. Everyone is so kind and it is a pleasure to come to work.

What’s something unique about you that you bring to our team?

I am very detail oriented and I am a team player! I am always willing to jump in to give a hand for any situation.