Denture Choices at Babylon Dental Care

Full and Partial Dentures

If you’re missing one or more teeth, dentures or partial dentures may be a viable solution to your smile shortcomings. Through new innovations in denture technology, Babylon Dental Care can provide you with a modern, practical smile solution.

We pride ourselves on providing our patients near Babylon and Patchogue and the surrounding areas with a variety of denture options, all of which look and feel completely natural. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution to your smile needs.

Denture choices at Babylon Dental Care

Immediate dentures

  • Immediate dentures are placed the same day your teeth are removed. That way, you will never leave our office without a complete smile.
  • The tooth extraction process is both easy and relatively painless. Since we offer sedation dentistry, you will barely feel a thing during the procedure.
  • You will be able to choose the color and shape of your dentures, enabling you to customize your smile.

Partial dentures

  • Partial dentures are another option for people who are missing teeth. Partials are used for patients who have one or more missing teeth but still have some of their natural teeth.
  • Partial dentures by our dentists are made from all-acrylic or acrylic, and they are metal-based for increased strength.
  • We also offer ValPlast® partials that do not show metal when you smile.

The benefits of choosing dentures

  • Today’s dentures are much more subtle and attractive than ever before.
  • Patients who get dentures are better able to eat and speak.
  • Patients often feel more self confident when they get dentures or partials to complete their smiles.

Dentures from Babylon Dental Care

Dr. Clifford Brown, Dr. Stephen Peck, Dr. Harold Gaynes, and associates completed extensive training in dentures and partials placement, and are able to provide patients with the highest quality dentures. Our dentists are fully invested in your personal well-being. We want you to feel healthy and confident in your smile.

We are a top-notch dental practice dedicated to providing our patients of the Babylon and Patchogue, NY areas with the highest quality services in a comfortable and friendly environment. We focus on treating our patients with care and compassion, developing a personal relationship with each patient, and acting as a resource for all of our patients’ dental needs.

Contact us for more information about improving your life with dentures or partials, including affordable, natural-looking Altadonics™ dentures.

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