Eugenia Conroy

Eugenia Conroy
Dental Hygienist

Eugenia joined the BDC family as a Registered Dental Hygienist in 2017. Eugenia always found science fascinating and loves interacting with people, so dentistry was a great opportunity for Eugenia to work in a field that motivates her to learn and grow as a person while sparking her interests. Eugenia always strives to improve herself and feels inspired by new experiences and learning. Eugenia’s greatest joy is serving her patients in a way that helps them achieve complete oral health and awareness. Eugenia loves working together and growing with her team, supporting her “work family” through all aspects of the day, and being able to consistently improve the care of their patients. Eugenia feels that BDC has helped her become a stronger person by thinking outside the box and not to fear learning new things. In her free time, Eugenia loves to surround herself with family and friends, as they keep her centered and bring her so much joy. Eugenia also loves to jog and complete 5k races. Eugenia finds that jogging helps her stay focused and balanced.

Training & experience:

Farmingdale College (Dental Hygiene)- Awarded Guggenheim Award for Dental Hygiene.

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