Jaclyn Cooper

Jaclyn Cooper
Clinical Director, RDH

Jaclyn joined the BDC family in 2011. She began as a part-time dental hygienist and knew right away that she wanted to make to make BDC her full-time home. Over the years she has worked her way up to Clinical Director, Register Dental Hygienist. Jaclyn always knew that she wanted to work in healthcare. She assumed that a career in nursing would be her path but there was something about treating patients on a consistent basis and building those relationships in dentistry that seemed more appealing than the revolving door of patients that came along with nursing. Jaclyn aspired to be someone who could help patients overcome their fear of the dentist and realize that it can be a safe place. With patient care, Jaclyn loves being able to interact with patients, educate them, learn about their lives and family while providing a service unlike any other they would receive elsewhere. In her clinical director role, Jaclyn truly enjoys being able to help the clinical staff grow while learning from them as well. Jaclyn always encourages her team to work smarter because, with that, they can accomplish anything. As a team, everyone lifts each other up, having each other’s backs, and supporting each other through their growth. It’s an environment where everyone is respected, seen, and heard. Jaclyn loves her team, her patients, and that she is consistently learning new things – and no matter how much she thinks she knows, Jaclyn always values room for new growth. Being open and adaptable in an ever-changing field is something that excites Jaclyn, knowing that each day is an opportunity. Jaclyn stays inspired and motivated by her family. She says, “I want my children to see how hard their Mommy works to provide for them while also being able to enjoy everyday life with them. It wasn’t an easy path to get to where I am, and I want them to understand that hard work and dedication to every aspect of your life gives your life purpose and meaning while being rewarding.” In her free time Jaclyn loves vacationing somewhere warm, on a beach. She also loves party planning with a good theme!

Training & experience:

  • Farmingdale State College 2008 (Associate’s Degree in Dental Hygiene)
    Anesthesia and nitrous oxide certified
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