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Summer dental care

Summer Dental Tips

Most of us enjoy spending the summer months with family and friends. You might enjoy spending your days at the beach or grilling in the backyard. Maybe you like participating in recreational sports or reading a good book while enjoying a glass of fresh lemonade. However, it’s also a time when you could unknowingly be […]

Vaping and health risks

Vaping Risks for Your Teeth 

Vaping started as an alternative to smoking. It was a way for people to get a nicotine fix and start weaning themselves off traditional cigarettes. In the beginning, it was touted as a “safer” alternative to smoking. However, organizations such as Johns Hopkins and the American Heart Association quickly dispelled that notion. Vaping can still trigger serious health problems […]

Dentist saves money

Why Going to the Dentist Frequently Is Good For Your Health and Your Wallet

Many people mistakenly think that they don’t need to visit their dentist unless they’re experiencing pain or other issues. However, dentists recommend a routine checkup every six months. Even if your teeth feel and look healthy, there could be an underlying medical condition you didn’t even know you had. Think of preventive dentistry the same […]