How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

We get it; going to the dentist brings out fear and anxiety in some people. Perhaps you feel stress because you aren’t in control. Perhaps you are self-conscious about your smile or your overall dental hygiene. Others cannot explain why they are fearful, but they recognize that their dental anxiety is a real issue. For many people, dental anxiety can become a more serious issue if you avoid going the dentist and develop serious issues as a result. Thankfully, many in the industry, like the dental professionals at Babylon Dental Care have been studying dental anxiety, and they have adapted their practices to cater to patients with anxiety.

One way to find these types of dentists is a quick internet search; you can search for “pain-free dentistry” to start. The best of these dentists use simple methods to make you more relaxed and in control of your situation. Besides medications that you can be given to relax, feel free to discuss with the dentist any of your fears so they can assist in managing your experience before you even come in for your appointment. There are fantastic practices who understand your fears and actively work to help patients feel more comfortable in the dental chair.

A few tips for helping you overcome your dental anxiety include:

  • Bring a family member or friend with you for moral support. Many patients find it comforting to have someone to accompany them to their appointment.
  • Bring your own music, relaxation podcasts, or noise-canceling headphones with you and ask your dentist if it is alright if you listen to music during the appointment.
  • Use relaxation techniques like controlling your breathing. To ease anxiety, breathe in, hold it, and then let it out slowly.
  • Ask if sedatives, local anesthetic, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), or an intravenous sedation are available. Not every dentist is qualified to perform IV sedation, so talk to your dentist in advance.
  • If you are absolutely unable to visit the dentist because of your fears, you might even talk to a psychologist first. They are trained to deal with phobias and fears using many techniques in a gradual and controlled manner.
  • Find online support for people with dental anxiety. Talking to others who have similar issues can help you feel more at ease, and they may be able to share techniques and advice that will help you overcome your anxiety.

The entire team at Babylon Dental Care understand the fear caused by dental anxiety and we are here to help you overcome your fear and have a great experience with us! Call our offices to plan your fear-free dental experience at either our Great South Bay or our Gateway Plaza locations. We will talk you through our techniques and guide you gently through your first visit.

Call us or make your appointment online. Call us at (631) 983-6665. You will be glad that you visited us, and we know you’ll have a great experience!

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