Spotlight On Service: Angela Shorts 1 Year Anniversary

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Angela ShortsWhat is your role now, is it different than when you started?

Now I am an insurance coordinator, when I first started with BDC I was a patient coordinator.

What are things specific to your service that fill your tank as a professional and/or bring you joy?

I really enjoy having the ability to resolve all our patient’s questions.

Any specific story about either a patient interaction or a team member that you would like to share that inspires you as you continue to work with BDC?

When I first started with BDC, my mother was very ill. Even though I just started with the company everyone helped me make arrangements and changes to my schedule so that I could be with her as much as possible during that time.

Are there things that inspire you as a professional while working with your team?

Yes, my coworkers. They are all very hard-working, and it inspires me to keep up that same pace every day.

What is something you find heartwarming about your service?

I love to help patients resolve any issues they may have and ensure that they are able to receive any treatment they need.

Any professional goals for this coming year?

I would love to increase my general knowledge and proficiency to have the ability to work even more accurately and efficiently

Outside of BDC, what brings you joy in your personal life?

Seeing my daughter grow into a young woman. I love to watch her going to college, working, and learning how to drive!

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