Spotlight On Service: Madyson Kudrick 90-Day Anniversary

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Spotlight on Service Mady KudrickWhat is your position, it is the same as what you were hired for? What location are you currently working from?

I am a Patient Coordinator which is where I have been from the start. I work at our Patchogue location in Gateway Plaza

How would you describe our office environment and your team relationships?

Our environment here at the Gateway Plaza location is like working with family. We all get along and help each other to be the best versions of ourselves. My coworkers make coming to work easy and enjoyable every day.

What are things that you are currently doing in service that bring you joy?

Things that bring me joy in my position are being able to accommodate patients into the schedule and get them out of discomfort or pain. Being able to provide patients with a comfortable environment where they can receive necessary treatment for the benefit of their oral health brings me joy.

What are things you would want to add to enhance your individual service or that of our collective team service?

I would love for my coworkers and I to be able to make more of a personal connection with patients to be able to enhance our services to patients so that we are able to give them the best experience at BDC

Is there anything amazing in working with your BDC family that you appreciate? Have you found your next true professional home with us?

I appreciate everyone that I work with and the endless support that I receive at BDC every day. I’m lucky to work somewhere where my managers and bosses care about us and are super accommodating and understanding! Although I am in school and will be here throughout, I hope to be here afterward when I am in my future career.

Any service or general professional goals for the rest of your first year here with BDC?

I hope to of course grow with the company. My most important goal is to leave a positive impact on the patients by giving the best service that I am capable of and to make their visit at BDC the best experience possible. I hope to be able to connect with all the patients I help and make sure they are comfortable and satisfied with our services.

Outside of BDC, what are things in your personal life that fill your tank with joy?

I love to travel! My boyfriend and I have spent the past two years together traveling and trying new things together. Some examples would be quadding in Connecticut on our property there and we also go down to the Carolinas often to participate in and spectate drag racing events. Starting this July, I will also be starting an Ultrasound program. Something else that brings me joy would be cooking and baking which I do in my free time as well!

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