Spotlight On Service: Toni Golden 90-Day Anniversary

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Toni Golden 90 Day AnniversaryWhat is your position?

I am a Marketing Associate.

How would you describe our office environment and your team relationships?

I work in a collaborative environment with really supportive teammates.

What are things that you are currently doing in service that bring you joy?

Being able to highlight my awesome teammates and the importance of oral health to our patients / potential patients. I believe our practice has the top-quality care that everyone deserves so if my message reaches at least one person and influences them to join our BDC family, and take care of their oral health, that truly brings me joy.

What are things you would want to add to enhance your individual service or that of our collective team service?

I would love to have more communication with people within the organization, other than the team leaders. I would be interested to see what ideas they have and bring them to life.

Is there a patient experience that has moved you as a whole-hearted professional that you would like to share?

Not yet because I don’t typically have direct communication with the patients.

Is there anything amazing in working with your BDC family that you appreciate? Have you found your next true professional home with us?

I really love the creative freedom that we have and that we’re able to express our ideas.

Any service or general professional goals for the rest of your first year here with BDC?

I am just excited to continue developing my skills and grow.

Outside of BDC, what are things in your personal life that fill your tank with joy?

Spending time outside in the sunshine, being creative in any way (I basically have a new hobby every other month – drawing, painting, making jewelry, DIY projects, etc.), and finding new restaurants and small businesses to visit.

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