Spotlight on Service – Giovanna Arbito – Global Graduation

What is your position? Which location will you be working from?

I am a Patient Coordinator working in our Gateway Plaza location.

How did you find spending time mentoring with the entire team?

It was great!  It is really great to have an understanding oh how each department works and how they all relate to Front Desk.

Was there particular team members was were extraordinary during your mentor time?

Bri was really amazing as a Dental Assistant, very interesting to work with her.  Viviana and Jenny, who I now work directly with were really great.  Understanding and super helpful in learning.  Angie, our Hygiene Coordinator at Great South Bay was super patient and amazing in teaching me about Hygiene and Hygiene scheduling.

How are you feeling about the BDC family and our desire to serve our patients?

I love the Practice!  I love the team! And our patients are great too! I feel very comfortable here even though it has not bee that long.

Anything you would like to share about your overall experience thus far?

Not really other than the experience being very informational. It was really good to fully understand how the Practice runs.

Outside of BDC what are things that bring you joy personally and fill your tank, so to speak?

I love spending time with my family.  I really enjoy good human interactions.  I am in a routine now, I like routines.  It does bring makes my day brighter to have great interactions with others.


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