Spotlight on Service – Patricia Wilkeson

Patricia Wilkeson

What is your position? Which location will you be working from?

I am a Patient Coordinator, working in our Great South Bay office.

How did you find spending time mentoring with the entire team?

Great! At first I felt bad not really understanding the computer system, but everyone was very helpful and understanding as I learned.

Was there particular team members was were extraordinary during your mentor time?

Absolutely! Sally has the best way with our patients. She is extremely patient centric and loves interactions with our patients.

How are you feeling about the BDC family and our desire to serve our patients?

I truly like how we all work together in service of our patients.

Anything you would like to share about your overall experience thus far?

I just love working here! I actually find myself bragging to my friends about working here and happy I am to be doing so.

Outside of BDC what are things that bring you joy personally and fill your tank, so to speak?

I love crafting, reading and my friends are my family.

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