Spotlight on Service – Gianna Pisano

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Gianna Pisano

What is your position? Which location will you be working from?

I am a Hygiene Assistant, working from our West Babylon location.

How did you find spending time mentoring with the entire team?

I really liked it, the time was extremely helpful and informative. It was even better because everyone was super nice.

Was there particular team members was were extraordinary during your mentor time?

Lauren K and Josh, both who are Hygiene Assistants too, I found very helpful. All the Hygienists at both locations were very helpful and great at helping me learn my job. I am very interested in all they do since I was recently accepted into Hygiene School. I will be starting in the fall at Farmingdale.

How are you feeling about the BDC family and our desire to serve our patients?

I feel really good about working here. The environment is much better than other places I have worked. The Practice is very well organized.

Anything you would like to share about your overall experience thus far?

I really like how everyone works together as a team. Even if it’s not someone’s “job” all pinch in and do their part to help serve our patients.

Outside of BDC what are things that bring you joy personally and fill your tank, so to speak?

I love hanging out with my family and friends.

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