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Joan joined us just 90-days ago as our HR Specialist.  See what Joan has to say about her first months with BDC

What is your position?  What location are you currently working from?

I am the Human Resource Specialist, working from both locations in West Babylon and Patchogue.

How would you describe our office environment and your team relationships?

It is a very special group of professionals.  Everyone is very friendly and welcoming to newcomers.  I have both witnessed this first hand and between others during their global training.  Everyone is very helpful, kind, collaborative, generally warm and inviting.

What are things that you are currently doing in service that bring you joy?

I truly love helping people on all levels and I love making others happy.

What are things you would want to add to enhance your individual service or that of our collective team service?

I look forward to fixing the issues with technology the organization has been challenged by.  I look forward to creating processes to appreciate and enhance the team members experience working with BDC.

Is there a patient experience that has moved you as a whole hearted professional that you would like to share?

One day while at out Patchogue office a patient that came in was very upset and frazzled about her upcoming appointment.  I was able to take the time and chat with her about her dental phobia and how every time she comes for a dental appointment she gets such anxiety, many times making her mad or unreasonable.  We spoke about her feelings and I was able to assure her she is in the right place and her past experiences will be nothing like what she will have with us.  She really did calm down and true to what we spoke about, she was thrilled with her experience and the treatment she received.  I felt happy that I was able to help guide her at the beginning of her time.

Anything amazing in working with our BDC family that you appreciate and lets you know you have found your next true professional home here with us?

I cannot stress how amazing the Brown’s have been in not only welcoming me but supporting me in my new role.  This position was not filled for a few years and many things needed to be corrected and turned around immediately.  Both Jenn and Dr Brown are extremely understanding of my work and pressures and they are always grateful for the help I am able to give.  I know from past experiences appreciation is not always felt by employees, so to feel so appreciated both genuinely and freely is inspiring to me as a professional.

Any service or general professional goals for the rest of your first year here at BDC?

OH, ADP never ending issues.  It is very upsetting to me to have our team members struggle with a system that is not always doing what it is suppose to for the group.  I look forward to continuing to make payroll a smooth and reliable process.  And I look forward to continuing to get to know all of our team members and building on team relationships in general.

Outside of BDC, what are things in your personal like that fills your tank or brings you joy?

I love my family, I love boating and the sunshine!

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