Teeth Whitening Options

Let’s Chat About Teeth Whitening!

A simple solution to transform your smile is teeth whitening. Whether you are looking to build your confidence or improve your smile for an upcoming special occasion or job interview, teeth whitening is a great option for you to consider.

Here at Babylon Dental Care, we have a few options to achieve your teeth whitening goals. We recognize that we have all different comfortabilities and time restrictions as our lives have become increasingly busy, so to balance that we have both in-practice and at-home treatments.

Our in-practice option is Zoom teeth whitening. You may have seen ads on TV or on the internet. Our take-home option are custom whitening trays. Both choices will brighten your smile, with the only difference being how long until you reach your optimal teeth whitening goal.

Which Treatment Is Best For Me?

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom is a great option if you are looking for whiter teeth in one visit. Zoom provides that fast and effective treatment after your first session. It takes approximately one hour. A teeth whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth by our Hygienist. Then a special lamp is focused on your teeth for the next 15 minutes, which lifts the stains and brightens your teeth. More gel then may be applied and the process is repeated with the intention of reaching your goal whitening potential. Our Hygienist may also apply another gel to help with any gum sensitivity you may experience.

Being that Zoom works this fast, it is perfect when you have a special occasion quickly approaching or you generally are desiring a faster turnaround time for your bright smile. This treatment can also last longer than other whitening options, with fewer touch ups needed to maintain your ideal while smile. You may also prefer that your Hygienist is there with you during this process, which can be an added comfort and step in making sure you reach your ideal whiteness level.

Custom Take Home Trays

Take-home trays are ideal and made to be a “no brainer” option here at Babylon Dental Care. While many dental practices in our area provide take home whitening tray options, we make it an even smarter choice for you by creating our “Whitening for Life” program. If you are a patient at either of our practice locations and you maintain your yearly Hygiene visits, Whitening for Life is definitely something to consider.

Let’s first understand how custom take-home trays work. These trays allow you to benefit from teeth whitening at home. This treatment comes with trays made from a mold of your own mouth. They feature a whitening formula which when applied, following the instructions, can help you achieve whiter and brighter teeth. You can wear them overnight, or many times our Hygienists recommend simply putting them in as you follow your morning routine of showering, etc. This process will whiten your teeth at your own specific pace. While not the quick whiten boost Zoom will surely give you, this is an affordable and easy way to help you achieve that white smile you are looking for.

What Is Whitening For Life?

As a dental patient at either of our two locations, in Patchogue or West Babylon, you most likely come in for your annual Hygiene Appointments. If you do, this plan works perfectly for you. Whitening for Life costs a one time fee of $149.00. With the membership and maintaining your yearly Hygiene visits you will get your initial trays and whitening gel at each appointment moving forward. Sounds great, it is and it even makes sense for someone after Zoom, in an effort to help maintain the perfect shade of white that you reached after your treatment.

In summary, to make the best whitening decision for you really depends on how quickly you would like to see results, the time you have to spend on this goal and the cost that best suits your personal budget. Zoom is definitely a great option, but will clearly cost more than our Whitening for Life option.

If you are still undecided, please feel free to call our office and schedule an appointment with one of our Hygienists who can take the time to review this information and truly guide you to make the decision that will best fit your lifestyle and smile goals. Contact us here.

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