Dental Health in the Summer

Summertime means sunshine, pool days, and camping out, but it also means that your dental routine could take a backseat to the fun. After staying up late to catch a fireworks show, the last thing on your mind is brushing your teeth. But dentists warn that it is still important to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day to keep your teeth in their best shape.

Maintaining a regular daily schedule that includes brushing and flossing twice a day will help maintain your oral health. If you have small children at home, brushing together for two minutes each morning and evening is a good way to encourage oral health and to spend time together.

Kids are usually at the greatest risk of letting their oral health deteriorate over the summer because their daily routines basically disappear. When you add sugary popsicles and lemonade to the mix, cavities are almost unavoidable. But try to limit your child’s intake of sugary drinks and snacks this summer. Instead, opt for giving them milk or water with their meals, and cut down snacking between meals, too.

Sometimes, we turn to snacking throughout the day when we are bored, but constant intake of food doesn’t allow saliva to cleanse our teeth of harmful bacteria. If snacking is part of your daily routine, make better choices at the grocery store. Instead of crackers, candy, and granola bars, opt for raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Another way to be sure your teeth remain in tip-top shape this summer is to increase your water intake. Not only will this keep you hydrated during the summer months, but it will also increase your saliva production to help wash away food particles from your teeth and gums. This will help prevent harmful plaque buildup until you can schedule a cleaning.

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