Spotlight On Service: Nicole Myers

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What is your role?

I am a Patient Coordinator.

How has your service evolved over the year(s) while with BDC?

I have been able to grow my understanding of the dental field, which allows for better patient communication.

What are things specific to your service that fill your tank as a professional and/or bring you joy?

Having patience and understanding of patient barriers, such as fear or financial concern.

Is there any specific story about either a patient interaction or with a team member that you would like to share that inspired or sticks with you as you continue to work with BDC?

I don’t have a specific story, but the knowledge and light that Sally, my supervisor, shares with all of us at work is truly inspiring and makes me want to be a better person both professionally and personally.

Are there things that inspire you as a professional working with your team?

We all collaborate to provide excellent service to our patients, teamwork is very important here at BDC.

Any professional goals for this coming year?

To assist the team with additional tasks away from direct patient duties.

Outside of BDC, what brings you joy in your personal life?

Spending time with my husband and all of our pets, and relaxing on our sailboat as much as we can.
Nicole Myers

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