Spotlight On Service: LaNae Milian’s 18-year anniversary

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LaNae MilianWhat is your role?

I am a Dental Assistant.

How has your service evolved over the year(s) while with BDC?

Being able to problem solve, think fast under pressure, and refine the skills I have learned over the past 20 years to better assist my patients and my doctor.

What are things specific to your service that fill your tank as a professional and/or bring you joy?

Seeing transformations from someone too embarrassed to smile or can’t even remember how to smile to someone who can’t stop smiling. Or a patient that is apprehensive and afraid to come to the dentist that now praises us for making them feel so comfortable. Those are the blessings that I’m honored to witness firsthand.

Is there any specific story about either a patient interaction or with a team member that you would like to share that inspired or sticks with you as you continue to work with BDC?

The one on one training/teaching moments from my doctor of 16 years, Dr. Gaynes. I’ve always appreciated it when he would stop and take the time to teach me or help me understand what to do as well as why. It means a lot when your doctor makes it a priority to invest in their team and make us better at what we do.

Are there things that inspire you as a professional working with your team?

The days when we just “work.” We don’t need to think, everything just flows. Reading each others minds and knowing needs before they’re even said.

Any professional goals for this coming year?

To continue to be open to new opportunities and be willing to learn and adapt to changes.

Outside of BDC, what brings you joy in your personal life?

Spending time with my family. Especially in the summertime when we take the boat out on the bay and explore.

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