Teeth Whitening Program in West Babylon, NY Creating Dazzling Smiles

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest yet most effective cosmetic dental procedures.
The team at Babylon Dental Care loves helping patients achieve dazzling white smiles with their highly successful teeth whitening program, Whitening for Life.

teeth whitening West Babylon, NY

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

  • Many things can stain our teeth over time, resulting in smiles we don’t love to show off.
  • The foods we eat and beverages we drink can slowly turn our teeth to a dingy, dull shade.
  • Using tobacco products can cause unattractive yellowing.
  • Some patients suffer from discoloration due to the use of tetracycline medication and other medications.
  • Age can make our teeth lose their luster.

As you can see, almost everyone can improve their smiles with teeth whitening. At Babylon Dental Care, it’s easy to get your teeth as white as you’d like and then maintain your results long-term.

Babylon Dental Care’s Whitening for Life Program

  • After a professional teeth whitening treatment, some maintenance is required to keep the teeth as white as possible. Our patients can take advantage of our Whitening for Life program, which makes it easier and more affordable to keep up with this maintenance.
  • Joining the program is easy. After an exam and X-rays, you can pay a one-time enrollment fee, which entitles you to your custom-created bleaching trays and everything you’ll need to whiten your teeth 4-6 shades.
  • Before undergoing teeth whitening treatments, it is important to make sure that you are in good oral health. This teeth whitening program ensures that you keep up with your regular exam and cleaning every six months; as long as you are doing so, you will receive whitening gel twice a year for the rest of your life. This program makes your teeth healthier and whiter at the same time!

We are committed to not only improving patients’ oral health, but also helping them improve their appearances. The Whitening for Life program is an excellent way to achieve and maintain a beautiful smile, and can be included in your smile makeover service, too.

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