The Dental Advice Dentists Give to Their Friends and Family

Dr. Clifford BrownHave you ever wondered what advice and tips your dentist gives to their friends? What secrets do dentists spill when talking to people they know? Is the advice different than what you’ve heard before?

At Babylon Dental Care in West Babylon, NY, we treat our patients like family. To us, each patient is a patient who matters. If you choose our dental practice for your dental care, you will notice the difference in the unique care we provide — and you will come back!

We recently read an article from Redbook Magazine called, “What Dentists Tell Their Friends,” and we want to share the advice some dentists share with their loved ones — because we truly care about you and your family!

 If you have a problem tooth, get it checked out ASAP

We definitely agree with this advice: If you have a tooth — even if it’s only one tooth — that you are concerned about, get it checked as soon as you can because more serious problems can occur.

The person in the article had a broken tooth and wondered if this was a big deal. The answer is: Yes! If left untreated, the nerve of the tooth could become infected, which could possibly spread infection throughout the body.

Maybe your oral problem is minor, but it’s still important to get it checked out by a professional.

Only choose a dentist with a clean office

The idea that a dentist office should be clean is certainly one we agree with. We pride ourselves on having a clean environment to provide our patients with the best possible care. In fact, one of our patients, Carol-Lynne from West Babylon, even described our facility as being “spotless.”

The truth is: Dentists can pass serious infections to their patients if their office isn’t clean. In the article, Sheri B. Doniger, president of the American Association of Women Dentists, tells her girlfriends to pay attention to the details when selecting a dental practice.

She says, “Check out the waiting room. Are the magazines out of date? Are flowers wilting in a vase filled with old, dirty water?” You might not think these things matter, but these small issues are signs the staff may not provide the top quality care you deserve.

If you have any questions about the cleanliness of our office, we invite you to stop by or to ask our staff who will be happy to answer your questions.

Gum disease may be the reason you can’t get pregnant

You probably didn’t know this, but if you struggle with infertility, gum disease could be one of the things at fault.

Gum disease affects many parts of the body, not just your mouth. Research shows that women who have gum disease can take longer to conceive, and those who do get pregnant are at a higher risk of giving birth to a pre-term or low birth weight baby. The gum health of your partner also matters.

The good news is: Gum disease can be treated, so if you or one of your friends can’t get pregnant, schedule a dentist appointment soon and maybe you’ll finally get the results you want.

You might be over whitening your teeth at home

Everybody wants beautiful white teeth, and these days there are many whitening products available. But if you’re using at-home whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, or brushing with baking soda too much, you might be damaging your teeth.

At our dentist office, we offer a variety of trusted whitening treatments that work. The article also lists some good foods for your teeth: strawberries, pineapple, celery, pears, and apples.

Dentists know you’re lying about flossing

When you tell your dentist you floss, but you don’t, we know. You can’t hide the inflammation that can be caused by not flossing or brushing properly.

We advise flossing at least once a day. We’ll know, by looking at your gums, when you come to see us whether or not you’re following our advice.

Kids should be allowed to wiggle their baby teeth

People today are concerned about germs, but kids should be wiggling and twisting their teeth to help them come out. Of course, you want to teach your kids to wiggle their teeth at appropriate times and to wash their hands before and after.

But if baby teeth don’t come out, the permanent teeth underneath will still try to push through and might come in partially, making it difficult to brush and possibly lead to cavities and infection.

Bad breath may be a serious problem

People spend a lot of money on gum, sprays, and mints, but do you ever stop and consider whether your bad breath could be a more serious issue?

Maybe you haven’t been caring for your teeth. Or it could be the foods you’re eating that are giving you bad breath. But possibly there are bigger concerns, like food getting stuck in your teeth, gum disease, decay, or dry mouth?

It’s also possible that your problem isn’t involved with the mouth, and you should see your regular doctor about your bad breath. No matter what, it’s important to find the root cause rather than simply masking the smell.

Don’t sip sweetened beverages for hours at a time

A dentist in the article hates it when his friends pour themselves coffee, add sugar, and then take a sip every 10 minutes for an entire morning. We have to agree. Drinking small amounts of a sweetened beverage over a period of hours is super damaging to your teeth.

Sugar causes tooth decay, and each time you sip, you’re creating more damage. Drink your drink without sugar or at least drink your sweetened beverage as quickly as possible, and then brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out with water.

At Babylon Dental Care, our patients are family

“Treating people like family” is the philosophy of our dental practice. And this goes for every patient we see.

If you’re looking for a new dentist in the West Babylon, New York area or you haven’t seen us in a while, call 631-983-6665 to make an appointment now at Babylon Dental Care at Great South Bay, or Babylon Dental Care at Gateway Plaza.

We’ve been treating people like family for more than 30 years, and we’d be happy to do the same for you and your loved ones.

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