Fun facts about saliva

Have you ever considered how important your saliva is to your oral health? It is crucial to preventing tooth decay and assists greatly with the digestive process, and is a fascinating substance that is worth exploring! Read below to learn these five interesting facts about saliva!

Saliva is the first step in the digestive process

You may think that chewing and swallowing food are the first steps in the digestive process, but it actually starts with your saliva. Your saliva contains enzymes that break down food particles, and without your saliva, your taste buds would not be able to determine what your food tastes like!

You can fill two bathtubs with the amount of saliva you produce in a year

The amount of saliva you produce depends upon your environment, but the average person will generate enough saliva to fill two entire bathtubs each year.

You produce less saliva when you’re nervous or afraid

If you are nervous or scared, your body will naturally produce less saliva than when you are calm and content.

Saliva helps wash away harmful, sugary food particles

Leftover sugars from the foods you eat, especially carbs like bread and pasta, deposit harmful sugar in the crevices of your mouth. To combat accompanying decay of your enamel and harm to your teeth, your mouth constantly cleans itself with saliva. This salivary cleansing even re-mineralizes your teeth because it contains calcium and phosphate ions. Even though saliva is quite helpful in preventing tooth decay, you still need to be sure to brush your teeth!

Saliva can be analyzed to detect drugs, alcohol, and even disease

The benefits of saliva aren’t limited to your mouth. This academic journal article cites saliva’s “biomarkers, such as genetic material and proteins” as useful tools in identifying and diagnosing disease, since obtaining saliva is non-invasive. Saliva samples can be used to identify drug or alcohol abuse or can be used by your doctor to help identify potentially harmful diseases.

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