Dr. David Hsu Takes on Greater Role with Babylon Dental Care

Babylon Dental Care is thrilled to announce that Dr. David Hsu is transitioning to a full-time role just two months after joining the practice in a part-time capacity. Dr. David, as he’s quickly become known to both his patients and his colleagues, has established himself as an integral part of the BDC family, to the point that founder Dr. Clifford Brown has decided to pass on his patient base to him.

“I’ve just been so impressed by the way Dr. David treats his patients, both clinically and personally,” Dr. Brown said. “How he is with people reminds me of myself when I started practicing over 45 years ago. I’m beyond confident that as my patients get to know Dr. David, they will feel the same trust and support from him that they have come to expect from me.” Babylon Dental Care’s patients agree with Dr. Brown’s assessment. “Dr. David was great and I highly recommend this office for dental work,” one enthused in a Google review. “Excellent service and communication. Dr. David is very professional,” said another. Voicing a common concern among patients, a third said: “For anyone that is truly petrified of the dentist, needles and anything else dental-related this is the place for you. What a truly wonderful group of people and Dr. David is the best.”

The enthusiasm these patients have for Dr. David speaks to his skill, his people-first approach, and the way he has made a big impact on an established practice in such a short time.
“Ultimately, it comes down to the patients that I’m dedicating my time and efforts into treating, and the staff that I’m treating the patients with,” he said. “The patients I’ve been caring for at Patchogue have been wonderful, and my co-workers have been just as dedicated as I am in terms of providing the best care possible. Everyone has warmly welcomed me to their neighborhood, and patients have been so appreciative of the treatment that we’ve been able to complete together. I am excited to be able to serve this wonderful community full-time!”

A Los Angeles native, Dr. David earned his dental degree from Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ, in 2019. He, his wife Chelsea, and their son Miles recently moved to Long Island from Austin, TX, to be closer to her family. He enjoys cooking and exploring Long Island’s restaurant scene when he’s not busy attending to the needs of Babylon Dental Care’s patients or caring for his young family.

Babylon Dental Care would like you to get to know Dr. David, too. Please call 631-587-7373 to book an appointment today.

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