Spotlight On Service: Eugenia Conroy

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What is your role?

My role is Dental Hygienist

How has your service evolved over the year(s) while with BDC?

My service at Babylon Dental Care has evolved from learning to understand patient needs by seeking and promoting patient feedback. We set clear standards and I like to delight our patients by exceeding their expectations.

What are things specific to your service that fill your tank as a professional and/or bring you joy?

I enjoy connecting with our patients, by understanding their needs and concerns. Helping a patient feel comfortable and making them laugh is my ultimate joy.

Is there any specific story about either a patient interaction or with a team member that you would like to share that inspired or sticks with you as you continue to work with BDC?

We have such an amazing team at Babylon Dental Care. They inspire me every day with their compassion and kindness. I see such beautiful little acts of kindness every day. They inspire me to do my best for others.

Are there things that inspire you as a professional working with your team?

Our professional team inspires me with their commitment to excellence and service to our patients. They are always learning and developing new and exciting things. This inspires me to do the same. Providing the best service has always been a priority.

Any professional goals for this coming year?

I think goals always keep us moving forward. I want to move forward by learning and developing into the best professional I can be.

Outside of BDC, what brings you joy in your personal life?

My friends and family bring me great joy. My sons are moving on to college and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. This is a time to re-explore what brings me happiness, traveling, hobbies, and whatever else is out there. I want to embrace the future with positivity and joy.
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