Mouthguards: Essential for Youth Sports

Mouthguards might be one of the last things parents think about when preparing their child for their next game. But mouthguards are often just as essential as helmets, shin guards, knee pads, and goggles when it comes to your child’s safety. Every single year, over three million kids get a tooth knocked out while playing a sport, be it soccer, basketball, hockey, or baseball.

The easy solution? Invest in a mouthguard. The American Dental Association (ADA) estimates that about 200,000 oral injuries are avoided each year thanks to the use of mouthguards. Mouthguards can prevent or lessen a wide variety of injuries to your child’s teeth, lips, mouth, and face.

According to the ADA, sports participants of all ages – even adults – can benefit from wearing a mouthguard. Kids with braces can wear mouthguards, too. Kids who play sports like basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, rugby, football, and lacrosse are the most at-risk for suffering an oral injury like lost or chipped teeth.

Mouthguard Options

Parents can find affordable mouthguards at any sporting goods store, usually for about $10 to $15. These mouthguards are ready to wear out of the package and are good if you need one in a hurry, but because they aren’t shaped to your child’s mouth, they might not be the most effective.

Another type of mouthguard you can buy at a sporting goods store is the boil and bite variation. With these, you can boil the mouthguard and then mold the softened plastic around your child’s teeth. This will offer more protection than the one-size-fits-all mouthguard, but is still not a dentist’s first choice.

Dentists recommend making an appointment to get fitted for a mouthguard, as this will provide the most comfort and protection. Custom mouthguards are more expensive than the others, but could save money in the long run if they prevent serious oral injuries.

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Mouthguards are an effective way to protect your child from a range of oral injuries they could suffer while playing sports. Store-bought mouthguards are good in a pinch, but we recommend coming in for a custom mouthguard fitting. Our mouthguards will provide enhanced support for your teeth and gums.

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