Which Toothbrush is Right for Me?

babylonWhen it comes to our dental health, our toothbrush is one of the most essential tools we have. That’s why it is so important to select a quality toothbrush that will be effective in cleaning your teeth, tongue, and gums. 

The team at Babylon Dental, are always available to help you better understand your options and recommend the right toothbrush for you. Remember that brushing alone is not enough to maintain proper oral hygiene, so make sure to also schedule regular cleanings with us by calling (631) 983-6665 or by contacting us online.

What Kind of Brush Head Is Best?

If you have checked out the toothbrush section of a store lately, you have probably been overwhelmed by how many choices are available. For instance, you can find firm, medium, or soft heads in a variety of sizes. Most dentists agree that the best option is a soft head. Most people tend to brush too aggressively, risking damage to their gums with vigorous pressure. To help avoid this problem, a soft head is preferable to a firm or medium one.

Choosing a shape is a more personal choice that depends on the size and shape of your mouth. In general, the smaller and more angled the head, the easier it will be to reach all areas of your back teeth and ensure you cover all surfaces in your mouth.

Power vs. Manual?

Another consideration to keep in mind when choosing a toothbrush is whether you want a power or manual toothbrush. A power toothbrush has a motorized head that automatically spins when you turn it on. Using a power toothbrush often solves the problem many people have of brushing too hard. Instead of brushing in small, circular motions that are most effective at removing plaque and debris from teeth, many people substitute technique with force that can do more harm than good. Power brushes help you brush smarter, not harder, by evenly applying proper pressure in a way that maximizes the ability of the brush to clean each tooth’s surface. For children or those who have arthritis or other conditions that limit manual dexterity, power toothbrushes are an excellent choice.

How Long Does a Toothbrush Last?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing your toothbrush every three months or sooner if the toothbrush shows signs of wear and tear. The older the toothbrush, the more likely its hardened and crooked bristles are to damage your gums. Another exception to replacing your toothbrush only every three months is if you have been sick. The head of your toothbrush can be a haven for germs if you have been ill, so it’s best to replace it as soon as you are feeling better, so you don’t reintroduce those germs into your body.

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With the proper toothbrush, you can feel better knowing that you are using the right tool to take care of your teeth and gums. Don’t forget to schedule regular checkups from the team at Babylon Dental Care. To schedule an appointment with us, contact us today at (631) 983-6665 or reach out to us online.

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