Kristi White

Kristi White

Kristi White

Sleep Ambassador


What’s your role with BDC?

I am the Sleep Ambassador at BDC. I help our patients with dental sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

How did the pandemic affect you and your family?

It’s definitely been a lot of transition! Professionally, I took this opportunity to make a career change from a company that wasn’t working for me, and I’m so grateful to now be at BDC. Personally, I’m sad for my daughter who is unfortunately missing her senior year, but we’re all getting through it.

What made you decide to choose a career with BDC?

The company had a really great vibe, and I’m so glad to be here!

How are you enjoying your time with BDC so far?

I absolutely love it! I’m truly enjoying it.

What’s something unique about you that you bring to our team?

I bring a lot of years of experience working in the sleep field. I love working with patients who have sleep disorders and helping them heal.